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Welcome to BabyView

We are proud to offer you the unique opportunity to have a glimpse of your yet unborn baby.



About BabyView

"BabyView" is an independent practice for 2D-3D/4D ultrasound imaging during pregnancy. The practice is owned and run, since 2005, by Ingrid Abendanon-Mac-Donald, a certified and highly experienced sonographer.


During an ultrasound session, the ultrasound equipment captures images of the unborn child and displays these on a screen. The images can be printed and stored on CD, and the entire ultrasound session can be recorded on DVD, including the baby's movements.

"BabyView" believes that the ultrasound session contributes to strengthening the special and intimate bond between the parents and their yet unborn child. The additional information provided by Ingrid adds extra value to the session.


Except for the anomaly scan (mid pregnancy scan), "BabyView" does not focus on medical aspects of the pregnancy.


However in case of any abnormalities Ingrid, in consultation with the parents, will contact and inform their specialist.

Ultrasound technology is developing very rapidly. This requires continuous dedication and study by the sonographer.

The effectiveness of the ultrasound procedure does not only depend on the quality of the equipment, but above all on the expertise of the sonographer. Professional ethics are also an important requirement.


"BabyView" enjoys a high degree of recognition, both by medical specialists and by its clients.


At "BabyView" your privacy and a professional treatment are guaranteed.

About Ingrid

Ingrid is a professional diagnostic radiographer and sonographer with more than 30 years of employment experience. In addition she has a Bachelor degree in "Basic Medical Science".


Ingrid is highly skilled in 2D-3D/4D ultrasound imaging. As a member of the Dutch Society for Ultrasonography, she continuously keeps up with developments in her field.


Ingrid gives high priority to Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

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